Saturday, April 14, 2007


The first message came in a dream, in which the foreign agents took the form of bees.
At the time, I thought I had had a dream the previous night in which the bees also visited. This would mean that this was the second message, and they had actually contacted me three nights in a row. But I'm not sure - I might have just dreamed that I had already dreamed them.
There were two situations:

I entered an estate with a female companion (can't remember anything about her). The estate had the feeling of a hospital/spa/sanitarium. Then we were on foot, walking around the main building (which was like a Georgian town house). We observed that massive amounts of bees were nesting around the house. On closer inspection, the ground was alive with bees, like it had been transformed into one continuous giant hive. I wasn't afraid of the bees, but didn't spend too long looking at them because it felt like the ground would give way beneath my feet so I continued to the entrance of the house.

In the second situation I was inside a house. Like I said, either this dream took place on the second night, or it was all one dream and it just gave me the impression that I had already met the bees the night before.
It was my house, but didn't resemble the house where I live. It was a big house, and the only room I remember was the living room. This was similar to the living room of one of the houses where I grew up in Lancashire. It was night and some kind of party I had arranged. The purpose of the party was a game, like a murder mystery type game, that I had organized. There were about 8 people, a mix of men and women, and we were going through the preliminary preparations of the game, still waiting for a few more guests to arrive at the house. I only recognized one of the people from my waking life: Mike. The only other guest I remember was a "larger" girl. She wasn't obese but most people would probably call her overweight. I was attracted to her. Mike could see this, and did not approve. I looked at the wooden floorboards and noticed that in some areas the wood had been eaten away and bees were nesting there.

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